Bumiputra-Commerce Trustee Bhd

Bumiputra-Commerce Trustee offers a will administration service-based on Islamic principles called the ˇ°Hibah-Hartaˇ±.

The ˇ°Hibah-Hartaˇ± is a relatively unknown provison within the Islamic law, which propagates greater fairness in the distribution of property belonging to a deceased person between family and non-family members.

NewsAd devised an integrated A&P campaign employing various mediums of communication to create awareness, educate the target market and establish a strong brand recognition for Bumiputra commerce Trustee and its services.

To achieve the above-stated objectives, appropriate creative concepts were produced to effectively highlight the professionalism, Syariah law expertise and strong corporate backing of Bumiputra Commerce Trustee. Successfully building customer trust and confidence for the brand and its services.












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